Pics from my child- and younghood

By pressing a pic you can see it as a larger one.

Juha 3 months old

Juha and mom 30/5 1960

Juha 25/7 1960

Juha 1 year old


Juha and Anja

Summer 1967

Our class 1967-68. The girl in the middle of the pic wearing light blue sweater is Jaana Sievänen, who me, Erkki and Seppo were terribly delighted.

Juha 10 years old

Me and my friend Erik on 14th February, 1976 in Helsinki. Beyond the picture is writing: "Here are standing, maybe our future members of Parliament, Juha and Erik in Helsinki on the stairs of the Parliament building on Saturday, 14th February, 1976 Kai kim."

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